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Slide Into Balmain’s B-It

With a surprising silhouette that somehow manages to perfectly pair streamlined minimalism with generously padded luxury, Balmain’s new B-It sliders have been creating quite the buzz ever since Olivier Rousteing first premiered these futuristic unisex designs on the runway during the September 2021 Balmain Festival. Rousteing and his sneaker team dreamt up the cutting-edge slip-ons with the help of a wide assortment of extremely unconventional inspirations—ranging from Japan’s iconic Geta and Okobo sandals to the elegant “yar” lines of the sleekest vintage wooden racing boats.

B-It’s relaxed ease and distinctive lines align perfectly with the principal theme of the most recent Balmain presentation—the incredible freedom that results from honesty and healing. Rousteing beautifully channeled his recent painful accident and long rehab process into his Spring 2022 offerings, with the collection’s dangling bandages and gauze-like fabrics evoking his embrace of past suffering and the liberating power of recovery.

There’s no need to look at the metallic house logo to know where these slide-ons are coming from.The new B-It is very clearly a Balmain.
These slip-ons incorporate the many technical and structural breakthroughs introduced in Balmain sneakers over previous seasons, as the house continues perfecting its “out of this world” designs while expanding upon the possibilities of lightness and extreme comfort that can be achieved with the help of the house’s one-of-a-kind “shock absorbers.”


Models: Tami Williams & Natalia Ogg @thesocietynyc, Alton Mason @imgmodels and Magdaleno Delgado @heroesmodels
Dir. Photographer: An Le @anlestudio @nowopentv
Stylist: Andrew Mukamal @andrewmukamal
Makeup: Marcelo Gutierrez @marcelogutierrez
Hair: Charlie Le Mindu @charlielemindu
Casting + Production + Post Production: @nowopentv
Set Designer: Philipp Haemmerle @philipphaemmerle
Location: @WTC World Trade Center

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