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ROSSIGNOL CAPSULE Melding Together Two Singular Alpine Histories, Balmain and Rossignol Unveil A Special Collaboration

Pierre Balmain learned from a very early age just how powerful a mix of fashion, rebellion and outdoor sports could be.
He grew up far from the French capital, in the small Alpine village of Saint Jean de Maurienne, which is set high amidst the beautiful peaks of France’s Savoy region. He was raised by a single mother, Françoise, a headstrong young widow who was years ahead of her time. Françoise Balmain wasn’t about to let others tell her what she could and couldn’t do—and she made it very clear that she intended to enjoy life[…].

One can easily note more than a few traces of Françoise’s rebellious personality in Pierre Balmain’s singularly fresh, feminine and audacious designs. And it was Françoise Balmain who also taught Pierre Balmain to appreciate the beauty and possibilities of the beautiful mountains surrounding his home. This is how Pierre Balmain was chosen to design the uniforms of the Olympic staff, after France had been selected to host the 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble.

Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s Creative Director, is determined to continually build upon the incredible legacy that Pierre Balmain has left behind, and he has long expressed a desire to highlight the house’s distinctive Alpine roots. But in order to do that, he knew that he would first need to find the right partner—someone who respected tradition and innovation as much as today’s Balmain. A partner like Rossignol.

Just like Balmain, Rossignol consistently references an impressive history. Today’s alpine, snowboard and Nordic offerings from Rossignol build upon the technical and stylistic innovations that the French Alpine brand first began introducing to the ski world in 1907.
The limited-edition Balmain + Rossignol collection relies on variations of Balmain’s iconic Labyrinth print, a graphic and eye-catching pattern that Pierre Balmain first introduced 50 years ago—and which Olivier Rousteing recently revamped and reintroduced for today’s new Balmain generation.

The Balmain + Rossignol limited-edition collection—with its mix of both equipment and designs for the slopes—will be available from October 15th at Balmain flagships across the globe, as well as on


Since 1907, Rossignol has celebrated skiing. A small workshop next to the French Alps, with a direct view on snowy peaks: Abel Rossignol’s workplace.

All began with the strong and sweet smell of wood on newly-cut skis. The joys of snow. The revelation of young ski champions. The first Olympic victories on Rossignol skis. An image specialized in ski racing. Rossignol was born.

Today, things evolved but we stayed the same: a focus on craftsmanship and high-tech equipment, a continuous quest for quality and performance. Icon of the past and symbol of the present, inspired by French roots and historical ski heritage, we hold no boundaries for continued improvement and avant-gardism.
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