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Balmain launches its new bbold women's collection, a singular range of women’s footwear that the house unveils today. More than just sneakers, these statement pieces are strikingly set atop two independent soles, perfectly matching the confident and provocative spirit of the rebellious troublemakers making up today’s Balmain Army.

The BBOLD injects at least a touch of gold into each of the many options—which, of course, is far from surprising, since gold is always key for Balmain.Even when reduced to just a small accent, a golden touch evokes Balmain’s legacy as one of Paris' historic houses, producing the type of luxury that only a true atelier can create.

The can’t-be-missed “B” adorning the side of each BBOLD design is, obviously, Balmain's recently introduced monogram a symbol that is somehow both audaciously modern and firmly rooted in the house's history. Additionally, the newly reworked house logo in a bold, sans-serif text is set front-and-center on every BBOLD, helping to make clear that today’s Balmain embodies both a storied past and an exciting present.

While ensuring stellar comfort and performance by relying on the latest tech and production breakthroughs, the BBOLD also sets itself apart by the multitude of masterfully detailed small touches, highlighting the house’s belief that true modern luxury must aim to consistently incorporate the highest level of skilled craftsmanship.

More than just sneakers, perfectly matching the confident and provocative spirit of the rebellious troublemakers
The new BBOLD women's collection, mixing superior craftsmanship and daring spirits builds upon this record of power.
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