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Balmain x Björk

" I like to think that Björk sensed that we share the same never-ending desire to constantly experiment with and learn from all types of creative inputs and that's what spurred her to reach out to me to collaborate on her latest tour. Ever since I first was introduced to her art as a teenager, I've been amazed by how Björk manages to continually defy any and all categorizations. Her success as an actor, singer and composer is, above all, marked by an openness and daring to explore new ideas, embrace new techniques and surpass every limit." - O.R.

"My latest couture collection sets out my vision for a modern vision of couture, aiming to incorporate the mindset of my generation into our designs. I was pleased to see that vision immediately embraced, especially by so many artists in the music world including Björk. After seeing the images, she reached out to me, to see if I would be willing to build upon the spirit of that collection for her upcoming tour." - O.R.

Olivier Rousteing explains his meeting with Björk : "Explaining that she was intrigued by my runway's silhouettes, Björk challenged me to refine those shapes to fit into the fantastic dreamscape that she and her musicians will inhabit onstage. Beyond making sure that all the tour's members will be dressed to reflect Björk's beautifully poetic vision, my team and I made sure that our couture offerings were adapted to best suit each artist's performance and tour needs."

BalmainXBjörkinNew York

Olivier Rousteing

"I wanna thank you Björk to choose my couture collection to work with you and all your team for making to me and my Balmain team a dream come true."

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